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BFV Press release and fundraiser

GoFundMe Link here

Bracknell Community Interest Company, Boxing for Veterans aka BFV which was set up to help raise funds for Veteran charities, have been ousted from their own gym based at Ozone Ice Rink Bracknell.

What appeared to be a friendly and welcomed invitation to allow BFV to set up a fully equipped fitness centre and boxing gym, soon turned into a spiteful and unprovoked attempt by Ozone to take ownership. Initially, a verbal with handshake agreement was made for BFV not to pay rent for use of two empty rooms on the first floor above the Ice rink, but split the revenue received from members.

BFV, in good faith, paid for and installed all the gym equipment and supposedly in return for a long-term agreement also paid, supplied and fitted two brand new shower and toilet facilities.

Following the opening day on August 1st, attended by the town mayor and ex armed forces Veteran MP, a draft agreement was written but never signed prior to this nightmare taking place literally within a few weeks.

Ex England Ice Hockey player, Danny Meyers was heavily influenced by his mother Susan Meyers to orchestrate what counter mounts to a scam allowing BFV to complete the gym so they could use it free of charge for Ozone ice hockey summer camps.

The gym and facilities were given high praise by everyone, including Ozone, and visitors were starting to join as

members, personal trainers keen to invite their clients and sponsors were getting interested.

However, as things started to get going for BFV, Ozone pulled the plug saying they didn’t like the way the gym was being operated!

After various meetings in which all reasoning by Ozone seemed to have come to an end, and by Ozone’s own suggestion, BFV reluctantly offered the gym to Ozone at cost so they could run it themselves in return for BFV to remain onsite as a boxing club. However, Ozone then flatly refused the offer instead asked BFV to remove the gym but leave the showers and toilets which they would pay for.

However, payment has not been received and Ozone are now suggesting that BFV owe back rent for the gym space!

As a result, BFV have had to take legal advice and commence proceedings by submitting a county court claim to get paid for the showers and toilets.

Clinton Montague Co-Owner at BFV says “They should be ashamed of themselves, ripping off a CIC” He goes on to say to the public “If you value the armed forces and respect our Veterans, please put social media pressure on Ozone to pay our invoice so we can re-group and find a new home for BFV”.

BFV was scheduled to hold their eighth charity boxing event in November to help raise even more money for Veteran charities but due to this situation caused by Ozone the gym is now closed, all the equipment is in storage and the event

cancelled due to no income being received and no training facility available for the boxers.

Terry Reed also Co-Owner at BFV put his heart and sole into creating BFV and is not only devastated but disgusted with Ozone. He has felt the need to create on behalf of BFV a GoFundme page to raise money so that BFV can continue to help veterans' mental and physical health through boxing and physical fitness.

GoFundMe Link here

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