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How do I set up my just giving page?

Start by going to and select a charity (start fundraising), next search and select the veteran charity you will be raising money for, on the next page you need to select "doing your own thing" (personal challenge), fill out the details on the next page and your all set. Make sure you put Boxing For veterans in your event/story title, it makes it easier for us to find your page.

Can I wear my own gloves and head guard?

We will supply the gloves and head guards, this will ensure that the bouts are fair.

Is it shirts off or shirts on?

Optional for men, for female boxers and other boxers that want to wear them then we will supply them. 

Can I use my own corner man/woman?

We will be supplying our own corner men/women for your bout, if you wish to use your own then they need to be a paying guest.

How long will the bout be?

The bouts will be three two minute rounds with one minute rest in between.

What is the dress code for BFV events?

The dress code for Boxing For Veterans events is smart casual.

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