456 live rounds afghanistan

fund raising campaign 

This fundraising campaign  is to raise awareness of the British Military personnel who gave their lives in Afghanistan since the war there began, of course we always remember all veterans in all wars, however for this specific campaign we are concentrating on the Afghan war. We are also trying to get people active during this campaign to improve their mental health, see below for more details.


Take part in our fundraising campaign.

Ways you can take part:

  • Watch/share the video

  • Nominate someone in each session you do, I'm nominating: to do at least 1 live round.

  • Tag @Boxing For veterans in your video and like our page.

  • You do not need to donate to take part, just spread the word.

  • You can do any exercise in your rounds, just get moving.

  • Make sure you copy and paste these instructions in this post and add it to your live video.

  • Download a boxing round timer from app store.

  • Broadcast your 2 minute live rounds on Facebook live, Don't forget, the rounds have to be live to count.

Donate to our cause here